Our Philosophy
Technique is Key

All swimmers, regardless of ability need to focus on technique to improve their swimming. By learning correct technique, swimmers can become more efficient in the water and dramatically improve. The effect of teaching proper technique is most noticeable with beginners. The beginning swimmer will progress to new levels of comfort and confidence by learning how to balance and position the body. Intermediate and more advanced swimmers will benefit greatly by continued emphasis on these beginner skills with the addition of advanced stroke mechanics. With proper technique, all levels of swimmers can swim faster and longer with less effort.

We are Experienced

Mojca formed this philosphy during the twelve years she exhaustively trained under world-class coaches who emphasized the importance of perfect technique. By mastering these techniques, she was able to compete with the best swimmers in the world and achieve many of her personal goals. This experience gave her the insight and knowledge to help others achieve their swimming goals. The instructors in the "Swim with Mo" program have been trained in her philosophy. They are highly competent in teaching the quality techniques that are necessary for faster, easier swimming.